The Stifinder effect

“As a rule there’s time to consider all options. But there are the critical situations where everything depends on reacting correctly in the actual instant, almost instinctively. In this instant, the leadership tools must be an integral part of oneself. And so they become through the Stifinder courses – if you want them to. Stifinder is particularly strong in the areas of personal management, development management and change management. It’s possible in a relatively short time to gain the learning that would take years to acquire through practice on the job.” Inger Marie Giversen, CEO, Sundhedsfaglig Sektion, 1. Logistikbataljon, Trænregimentet.

“The Stifinder course is unique and unrivalled. It can’t be compared with any other course I know. As a Stifinder and Natural Leader, I lead by honesty, energy, courage and respect – like the person I am. I’m constantly seeking to be curious, to find new ways and new possibilities to achieve the proactive goals I set. This creates unique and enduring results – for me, for my team, and for the company I work for. And as a special bonus, I’m part of the Stifinder network, the place where Stifinders meet to give and receive inspiration and to share our visions in relation to continuing along the way each of us has chosen to take. Once a Stifinder, always a Stifinder.” Marianne Norup-Nielsen, Senior IT manager, Xellia Pharmaceuticals

“The Stifinder Programme has given me many valuable and deep insights which I carry with me in my heart. I’ve become better at being me, in all areas of my life, for the benefit of my employees, my colleagues, my family, and not least myself. But it doesn’t end here. For me, the Stifinder Programme has been the beginning of a powerful journey of development which I look forward very much to continuing. The Stifinder Programme is for those who dare to look themselves in the eye. I did so, and the return is invaluable.” Tina Ebler, Director, Partner, Hildebrandt & Brandi 

“The Stifinder training becomes a natural part of yourself, where you quite simply have to remain mindful of the questions, experiences and possibilities you receive during – and not least after – the course. The strength in the fact that we have chosen to train our entire managerial force as Stifinders is of course the common values, experience and knowledge we can draw on. This gives a fantastic synergy, openness and inventiveness which, mixed with good humour, provides renewed impetus in a growth-oriented organisation. We have a much greater mental surplus now – and this, combined with a high level of commitment, energy, will and the desire to achieve goal-oriented changes, yields the results we’re so proud of.” Morten Højholt, CEO, Bent Brandt A/S

“The personal and leadership journey the Stifinder Programme has taken me through has been the most important developmental initiative in my working life. I’ve learned so much about myself, interaction with others, what I can receive from and give to others, values, strengths, and how far out the boundaries actually lie, that I now have much more to offer my colleagues in my role as leader.” Elo Munk Frisenvang,  IT Manager, HK