The Stifinder Programme - since 1994

In Stifinder we believe that the future is not something that simply comes – it’s always created by someone. And that someone could be you.

Our purpose is to help leaders and specialists in organisations to expand their capacity, their response and ability to handle complexity and change, and to master agile and transformative leadership.

Since 1994 we have trained more than 2,000 leaders and specialists from companies in more than twenty countries.

In brief The Stifinder Programme focuses on your leadership development. The skills that you have acquired from your education and the competencies that you have developed through your job, will be further developed and integrated to become a professional leader with transformational abilities.

The Stifinder Programme provides theories, tools and reflections, that open for understanding of how you can create your future in your job and other parts of your life. 



Every path is individual. Story by Kirsten Væver, Novozymes.